In accordance with the Bylaws of Emory University and the University Senate, the membership of the Faculty Council shall include the elected faculty members of the University Senate, who shall serve as voting members, and eight additional members of the faculty appointed annually by the Faculty Council Executive Committee, in consultation with the President and Provost of the university, who shall serve as non-voting members.

The President, the Provost, the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Chairs of the Standing Committees, and Faculty Counselors assigned to Board of Trustees committees shall serve as non-voting members ex officio.

The President, immediate Past-President, and President-Elect of the University Senate shall serve as Chair, Past-Chair, and Chair-Elect of the Council.

2022-2023 Roster

Executive Committee

Chair Alicia DeNicola
Oxford College 2021-2024
Past Chair Octavian Ioachimescu School of Medicine 2020–2023
Chair-Elect Nitika Gupta School of Medicine 2022-2025


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