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Faculty Handbook

Principles of Shared Governance at Emory

The University Faculty Council Task Force on Shared Faculty Governance developed a set of first principles of shared faculty governance, and a set of essential elements of governance at Emory, through an exhaustive process of review of Emory’s governing documents (e.g., bylaws, handbooks); presentation and discussion within the University Faculty Council; and consultation with faculty in all campus Schools and Colleges, University Faculty Council/Senate leadership, the Senate Bylaws Review Committee, AAUP leadership and members, members of the campus administration, and others. Incorporation of these principles into the Faculty Handbook (section 3.4) was approved by vote of the University Faculty Council on February 17, 2015.

Chapter 3 of the Faculty Council Handbook with the new additions and edits marked.

Full Faculty Handbook with edits incorporated will be posted soon.