University Research

The University Research Committee (URC) promotes rigorous and innovative scholarship in all academic disciplines to benefit the Emory community and beyond. The peer review and competitive funding of research proposals by full-time faculty across the university are central to its mission. The URC supports:

  1. Early career faculty in their path toward research independence
  2. More advanced faculty who wish to engage novel questions that enhance their expertise, and
  3. Teams of faculty who seek to transcend the boundaries of their respective disciplines to undertake transformative research.

By supporting promising faculty research, the University Research Committee seeks to contribute to the cultivation of intellectual resources for a better future.

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2019 - 2020 Roster



School | Unit
Co-Chair Tom Clark  Emory College of Arts & Sciences 2019 - 2021
Co-Chair Robert Craig Castellino School of Medicine 2017 - 2020


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