Faculty Hearing

The Faculty Hearing Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Council. The chair is elected by the members of the committee and serves as an ex officio member of the Faculty Council. There are five members of the committee, chosen from tenured faculty by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council in consultation with the provost. Members serve two-year terms.

The Faculty Hearing Committee shall conduct hearings, make findings of fact, and make recommendations to appropriate university officers when a faculty member's employment is or may be suspended or terminated for any reason specified in Paragraph 12C or Paragraph 15 of the Statement of Principles Governing Faculty Relationships. The methods of invoking jurisdiction of the Faculty Hearing Committee, the procedures to be employed by it, and additional regulation of its membership and responsibilities shall be established by resolution of the Faculty Council approved by the president of the university. Such resolution may be amended by subsequent resolution of the Faculty Council, approved by the president of the university.

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School | Unit
Chair Aryeh Stein Rollins School of Public Health 2010 - 2025


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