Faculty Counselors

Faculty Counselors are recommended by the University Faculty Council (UFC) Executive Committee, Provost, and Vice President and Secretary of the University from nominations received from the UFC. Faculty Counselors are appointed by the Board of Trustees to serve on board committees and bring reports to the UFC.

The purpose of the committee is to assemble the faculty counselors of the Board of Trustees as needed to compare experiences of service on Board of Trustees committees and to bring reports to Faculty Council regarding the general benefits of the duties involved with their service, suggestions regarding how to conduct and evaluate their service, and any issues that arise in their ability to perform their service.

These reports and suggestions should not be construed as asking counselors to violate the confidentiality by which they are bound.

2021 - 2022 Roster


School | Unit
Chair Giacomo Negro Goizueta Business School 2019-2022


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